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Let me tell you about me and my laundry

Hey there! I’m Nicky!

Nicky About Me https://compactportablewashing.com/about-me/

As you may have guessed I opened this website to share the washing and drying products that I have found. The mini compact portable washers and dryers have made my life so much easier. I wanted to share about me and my laundry with you.

You see, I live in the Pacific NW and it rains here 9 months out of the year. Doing your laundry at the laundromat is ridiculous. Just as you get your clothes dry you have to take them in and out of the car in the rain. My clothes were damp or wet when they went through the front door.

I wanted a small washer and dryer for apartment. The problem was I didn’t have a washer and dryer hook-up. After I found the small portable washer and dryer I knew I had to have it. They connect to standard household faucets and 110v plugs. No washing machine and dryer hook-ups required!

Now…I have no need to worry about getting my clothes wet. I no longer pay a small fortune drying them at the laundromat. Finally, I can do my laundry when I want to do it!

if you need more information check out this article on the mini twin tub washing machine.