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Compact Portable Dryer

Compact Portable Dryer for RV, Apts, Trailers, Condo. Just plug into any standard house wall outlet

Compact Portable Dryer

I live in Oregon where it rains 9 months of the year. I’d pay $5.00 per load to dry my clothes at the laundry mat only to get them soaking wet loading them in and out of the car. I wanted to have my own dryer but my apartment doesn’t have a 220v plug outlet. Secondly, my apartment doesn’t have a way to vent a dryer to the outside. I wanted a compact portable dryer. I found the Electric Tumble Dryer Compact Stainless Steel Clothes Laundry Dryer, 1.5 cubic feet. The dryer is shipped to you in a plain box.

Dryer Features

The Magic Chef dryer has a 1.5 cubic foot capacity. That is 5.5 pounds of clothes. The inside drum of the dryer is made of stainless steel. It plugs into a standard house plug outlet 110v-120v. I couldn’t believe it! I found a dryer that plugs into any socket in my apartment. No need to have a 220v plug outlet to have a dryer. There is no extra wiring. AMAZING!! It uses 850watts and 500watts on low setting.

The dryer is freestanding. It can sit on the floor, cabinet, table, or stacker shelf. I’m eventually going to get the stacker shelf. It will save space in my small apartment. If you are worried that it might walk off the table. There are anti-walk silent feet you can get.

The dryer measures 16″D x 20″W x 24″H and weighs 38 pounds. It has a front loading swing door with an integrated viewing window.

Lint Filter

The lint filter is located at the back center of the drum. Simply pinch the plastic piece together and pull it out. The filter is a dual filter system. It has a felt like a piece that collects the large pieces. The second piece looks a feels like a softener sheet but it isn’t. I like to use wool balls instead of dryer sheets. The wool balls speed the drying time and soften the clothes.

Temperature Knob

There is an easy to set control knob for convenient time drying. The adjustable timer allows for various drying times. It has a 4 option drying time from cool, warm, hot and air dry. It has 2 options of heat hot and low temperature. This dryer is energy efficient and space saving.

Indoor Venting

The only assembly to do on this dyer is to attach the vent hose in the back. Otherwise, it is ready out of the box. The dryer can be vented indoors. There is no need to cut holes in the walls. The landlord will never know I have it. It comes with a basic vent that you can use; however, many people are buying the indoor vents because they have filters on them. The filters keep the lint from being thrown all over the place.

Compact Portable Dryer is a cute little machine and does a great job at drying my clothes. Now I can save my $5.00 of quarters per load for something else.



Compact Portable Washer

Compact Portable Washer

Compact Portable Washing

I have lived in apartments most of my life. First, my parents rented apartments, then later I did when I was on my own. Some had laundry hook-ups inside the apartment, while others had no facility what so ever. Washing my clothes and household items at the laundry mat was very tiresome and at times dangerous. The compact portable washing system is best for those that live in a Dorm, Tiny House, Condo, RVs, Campers, Van Living, Solar Living, and Apartments without washer dryer hook-ups.

Washer Features

I bought the Costway Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine with a 17.6lbs capacity Washer and Spinner. The washer was shipped in a plain box. The landlord couldn’t see what was in it.

Main Features

This machine uses a gravity pump. It drains easily into a tub, shower, sink or bucket. You can also fill the tub with buckets of water instead of the hose.

Washer measures 25″ L x 15″ D x 29″ H. It weighs 29 pounds making it lightweight and easy to move. The washers design is space-saving. It’s Energy efficient and environmentally friendly. It uses less water than a standard machine. It plugs into a regular 110v house outlet. The inlet hose hooks to most faucets. If it doesn’t hook to yours, you can find rings, hoses, and clamps at a hardware store near you.

Washing Cycle

This washer offers a twin tub. It has separate washer and spinner tubs. The washer is the larger tub that holds an 11 lb load capacity. It has a 15-minute timer. The timer can be reset to up to 15 minutes. Its washing power is 300w. The agitator spins to the right then pauses and then spins to the left, then repeats. I can’t believe the water swirl this little machine can do. I put my delicate clothes in a laundry bag.

Flower Lint Trap Filter

There is a lint/hair filter attached to the inside of the tub. The washer and spinner is a top loading machine. I use an extra separate floating lint trap. They don’t cost very much and I like the extra filter. I have dogs and the hair gets everywhere. The extra filter collects it during washing.

The Spinner

The spinner is actually the same as a spin cycle on a standard machine. In most of these types of machines, they are the separate smaller tub. It spins the water out of the clothes. In many reviews, customers refer to it as a spin dryer. It is not a dryer. It’s like a salad shooter and spins the water out at a high speed. The spinner has a 6.6 lb load capacity. That’s half of the washer size. The spinner has a 5-minute timer. The timer can be reset to spin many times. Spinner offers a 110w spinning power with 1300 RPMs. It comes with a cover plate for the top of the spinner so the clothes don’t go flying out. Both washer and spinner can operate at the same time.

A Rolling Cart or Stacking Shelf

I store my washer in the dining room closet on a rolling cart. When I want to use it I roll it to the bathroom and set it next to the tub. I set the washer on the top shelf of the cart. It keeps it elevated which helps the water drain out. I use the bottom shelf to store my dirty clothes until I have time to do my laundry.

The washer and dryer can also be stacked shelf to save space.

Now I can choose a suitable time to do my laundry. The homeless can’t harass me at home. I don’t have to have rolls of coins from the bank. It’s also a lot better than hand washing everything I own.

My Previous Typical Washing Day

This was a typical wash day for me. First, I had to stop at the bank to get rolls of coins to operate the machines. Second, I had to go to the laundry mat during daylight hours. For some reason, the laundry mats in my area are not in a bad part of town. Lastly, the machines are dirty and haven’t been cleaned inside or out for some time. I’ve always been afraid of catching something from them. I had to have additional money to clean the machine in HOT water before washing my clothes.

I am so glad I found these compact portable washing machine. I’d no idea there was anything like this out there. If I had I would have bought it years ago. Now I don’t have to leave the house to do the laundry.

If you’re interested in a 110v standard house outlet electric dryer to complete the laundry washing set.