Magic Chef 1.5 Compact Electric Laundry Dryer


Small Portable Compact Electric DryerCompact Portable Dryer for RV, Apts, Trailers, Condo. Just plug into any standard house wall outlet

I live in the Pacific NW where it rains 9 months of the year. I’d pay $5.00 per load to dry my clothes at the laundromat…

…Then I would get them soaking wet loading them in and out of the car. I wanted to have my own dryer but my apartment doesn’t have a 220v plug outlet.

Secondly, my apartment doesn’t have a way to vent a dryer to the outside. I wanted a portable mini dryer…

…I found the Electric Tumble Dryer Compact Stainless Steel Clothes Laundry Dryer, 1.5 cubic feet. The dryer is shipped to you in a plain box.

Dryer Features

  • The Magic Chef dryer has a 1.5 cubic foot capacity.
  • Dries 5.5 pounds of clothes at one time.
  • The inside drum of the dryer is made of stainless steel.
  • It uses 850watts and 500watts on the low setting.
  • The dryer measures 16″D x 20″W x 24″H and weighs 38 pounds.
  • It has a front loading swing door with an integrated viewing window.
  • There is no extra wiring. AMAZING!!
  • It plugs into a standard house plug outlet 110v-120v. I couldn’t believe it! I found a dryer that plugs into any socket in my apartment. No need to have a 220v plug outlet to have a dryer.
  • It will save space in my small apartment.
  • The dryer is freestanding. It can sit on the floor, cabinet, table, or stacker shelf.

I’m eventually going to get the stacker shelf.

If you are worried that it might walk off the table. There are anti-walk silent feet you can get.

Lint Filter

dryer inside filter plateThe lint filter is located at the back center of the drum. Simply pinch the plastic piece together and pull it out.

The filter is a dual filter system. It has a small felt like piece filter that collects the large pieces…

…The second piece looks and feels like a softener sheet but it isn’t.

I like to use wool balls instead of dryer sheets.

The wool balls speed the drying time and soften the clothes. I’ve found no need to use softener in my wash when I use wool balls in the dryer.

Temperature Knob

There is an easy to set control knob for convenient time drying. The adjustable timer allows for various drying times.

It has a 4 option drying timedryer setting dial

  • cool
  • warm
  • hot
  • air dry

It has 2 options for heat hot and low temperature.

This dryer is energy efficient and space saving.

Indoor Venting

The only assembly to do on this dyer is to attach the vent hose in the back. Otherwise, it is ready out of the box.

Dryer back showing the vent connectionThe dryer can be vented indoors. There is no need to cut holes in the walls.

The landlord will never know I have it.

It comes with a basic vent that you can use; however, many people are buying the indoor vents because they have filters on them.

The filters keep the lint from being thrown all over the place.

What People Are Saying About The Compact Electric Laundry Dryer

It’s quite! The power saver uses only a maximum of 850 watts, which is less than the average hairdryer. It does have a high and low heat setting and according to my kilowatts, the low setting runs at 500 watts. It does take a little longer than your average sized dryer but for those of us who don’t have hookups or need something small due to space availability, it’s an excellent choice. — Am

This little dryer is amazing! It gets really hot and I tested it out by drying 5 big towels at once and they dried with no problem. It also has a lint catcher in the back of it. It’s very quiet and nobody knows it’s even on. I would definitely recommend this product. — Tracy

Very small but turns out it’s just what I need. I live in an expensive city and have managed to find a great little two bedroom for a great price. However, it has no laundry room or laundry facilities. A friend let me use her small portable washing machine and I bought this dryer. It fits perfectly in a utility closet and really works great. I haven’t even had to let it have a full run because everything dries quickly. Very great purchase. 🙂  — Frances

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Q: Does it vent through a window?
A: Yes, or you can buy an indoor vent with a filter to vent inside.
Q: If I set the dial for 80 mins. and decide to remove garments after just 60 mins. do I simply open the door for the dyer to stop? Then turn the dial to 0?
A: Yes. That’s what I do. Unless you have a large load or heavy things like towels or jeans, most loads don’t even take 60 minutes to dry.
Q: I have the 1.5 cu ft dryer- Is the size ok or should I buy the bigger one?
A: I find it’s big enough for me. I don’t have a lot of space in my apartment and it holds a decent amount of clothes. I usually dry ten items at a time unless it’s heavier towels or something then I put in fewer items.

==>Get the Magic Chef 1.5 Electric Dryer Here

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The small compact portable electric clothes dryer is a cute little machine and does a great job of drying my clothes.

Now I can save my $5.00 of quarters per load for something else. YAY!!!

I’m happy with my compact electric laundry dryer

Thanks so much, Magic Chef — Nicky

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